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Key Animator
Qualification requirements: 1.Love games and anime, and have enthusiasm for the design of online games 2.The hand-painted background is solid, the color feels good, and the original ability of the design of the character design scene; 3.Master PS and other related drawing softwares; 4.To adapt to the needs of the project to adjust and optimize the effect of art; 5.With good communication ability, team spirit and professional quality, it is practical and dedicated, proactive, and pursuing advanced, sincere in fine arts.
Conceptual Designer
Qualification requirements: 1.College degree or above, major in art and painting; 2.More than 1 years of drawing experience in scene, background and environment; 3.Can quickly understand the director's creative thinking and style positioning; 4.Solid art foundation, strong understanding and creative thinking, understand the relationship between painting and the concept design of film and TV play, and have a good grasp and design ability for scene perspective, color, lighting and the whole atmosphere; 5.Love film and television, can effectively convey the concept of design to the owners; 6.Positive attitude, hard work, good communication with planning, team spirit. He is sincere in art.
Qualification requirements: 1.Fine arts background, strong realistic painting ability, style adaptability. 2.There is a deep study and understanding of color and light and shadow. The color feels excellent. 3.The painting technique is fresh and fashionable, and the color is clean and bright. 4.It has a strong control ability and rich imagination for the picture composition and the secret rhythm. 5.Have a strong sense of responsibility and work patience, team work awareness and innovative spirit. 6.With the excellent aesthetic ability of fashion, it can also meet the aesthetic needs of the mainstream business. 7.There are more than 3 years working experience in game industry (if the works can highlight the exceptional)
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