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Guangzhou yuan Animation Design Co., Ltd. (YD ART), dedicated to the CG art concept design and 3D video game visual development and production His team is now co - founded by founder Yuan Jie, a famous CG artist Xiao Zhuangyue and XRCGTEAM(http://www.xrcgteam.com)members and various games, film and animation, animation and animation industry senior artists, For many projects at home and abroad to provide quality concept design, concept design, illustration, Xuan beauty next generation 3D, GUI, action effects and other outsourcing services. It has been involved in the development of visual arts, such as StarCraft, ancient scroll, heroes League, Ares, Three Kingdoms unparalleled, Fantasy Westward Journey, LOC, ghost blows and the Great Wall




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ACG field visual art outsourcing solutions expert We provide 2D, 3D, and sub generation game art full process outsourcing services, including art style pre research, package customization, art consultation and other services
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